Feb, 22 2013 11:02

The French Riviera berth for sale specialist, Berth For Yacht, prepares for spring with a brand new optimised website

The French Riviera is already feeling the Spring and the beginning of the boating season. The biggest European boat shows are behind us meaning that a lot of superb new yachts are going to navigate on the Mediterranean Sea  for the  first time soon. 

For some of them, a nice berth  where to moor in a great marina is missing. 

Yacht owners can count on berthforyacht.com experience and professionalism to help them finding the right berth at the right place and at the right price in their favorite marina on the French Riviera. 

Because of the last technology used by SEOSAMBA, www.berthforyacht.com is now very well optimized and very visible on the web which allow much internet users to have a quicker access to the exceptional product displayed on this very specialized web site. 

Please visit Berth For Yacht and find out about the moorings for sale we have in store for you.

About Berth For Yacht:

berthforyacht.com offers a range of selected moorings and will be your partner during the process of the purchase or the sale, will defend your interest by a strict respect of both the Buyer and the Vendor and will bring you necessary and useful support in the reading of the Lease terms and conditions and understanding of each harbour particular rules. Valérie Lensen-Pérot - General Manager | +33 (0)6 25 95 32 56 

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